Florida Science Students Need Your Help

Today, there are various categories in which students may pursue research, including chemistry, computers, earth and space science, engineering, environmental science, mathematics, physics, medicine and health, microbiology, behavioral science, biochemistry, botany, and zoology. In classrooms, teachers motivate students to compete.

Students select a topic and then do background research. Next, they evaluate their resources, and prepare an experimental design to test their ideas.

Student projects range from trying to discover why batteries short out during a hurricane and how this can be prevented, to working on controlling robots with the mind, to preparing computer programs which analyze hydrocarbon efficiency, all the way to designing devices to test pupillary response, using calculus to determine the variance in the wave lengths, as well as testing the waves given off by various sounds of musical instruments, and testing curcumin, the active principle in the spice turmeric, as an anti-cancer agent.

Not only are students allowed to perform experimental research, but they have the opportunity to interact with scientists and engineers during the judging process. Competition is continued at the State level for select Middle School and High School students. Those High School students with projects deemed the best in the fair further continue their journey to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

Another aspect of the fair is the Bridge Contest. This contest develops more of the skills acquired in physics. Many of our future engineers compete in this event. In this competition, students in the middle school build bridges according to specifications that remain the same from year to year to create the most efficient bridge. Senior High school students build bridges according to international rules that change every year. Two Senior High school students that build the most efficient bridges are considered the “winners” and are awarded a trip to the international bridge contest which takes place in various cities in the United States.


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